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Teaching & Directing

Acrobatics Art has many years of professional experience, since the beginning of the 90`s masterclasses and teaching have been given all over the world:

National coach of the Swiss sports acrobatics team.
Circulus circusschool in Gossau (CH)
Dutch State Circus School ACaPA in Tilburg (NL)
Ecole de Cirque Zaltimbanq `in Luxembourg (LUX)
International Acrobatics Convention in Bordeaux (F) and Stockholm (SE)
Masterclass Tehran Iranian Gymnastics Federation (IRN)
European Juggling Convention in Munich (D)
Youth Circus Dornbirn (A)
Danish acrobatics convention in Köng (DK)

We offer classes for beginners and further education in acrobatics, trapeze, juggling or balancing. We provide circus workshops and courses for children, adolescents and adults. Duration and topics of the workshops are set according to your wishes. Available for individuals, private groups and companies.
Acrobats and artists may use our service for individual artistic development and directing work.
For companies, we offer corporate trainingsessions or a circus event for your staff party.

A workshop is a lesson where the main goal is having fun during the activity. For example a workshop can take place at a wedding, a school project, a birthday party or a staff party.

A course is a series of lessons.

Further education
For (semi-) professional acrobats we offer individually tailored training. Artists who are developing their number or want to create a new number may want to use our directing service. Together with the artists theatrical / choreographic sequences, costume choice, music and lighting are designed and implemented.

A training is a lesson connected with a company or staff training. By means of a training topics, connected with a corporate training will be accentuated. Possible topics might be: cooperation, trust, communication, setting realistic goals, tresspassing boundaries, etc.


To the workshops:

The circus, traditionally is the stage of those who do things that normal people simply cannot. No one however must be super strong, flexible, young or brave to be able to participate in our traveling circus school. In small groups, under competent guidance of our trainers, the participants try to cope with balls, plates, diabolos, walking globes, and even unicycles. Furthermore, together they are building acrobatic figures from 2 to? people. For a moment you will be an acrobat or a juggler. Training, learning together and proudly presenting are enormous impulses for cooperation and making new contacts. On top of that our workshops are just a lot of fun. They fit very well in a team building program, a staff party, a class project or even a party evening. The circus is and will be a challenge for everyone.
Among our instructors are professional performers and sports acrobatics champions. Due to their great expertise and experience they can take care of all participants competently and at their own level and motivate them to get the most out of themselves. In this way the workshop will remain a memorable experience for all participants
After a brief introduction from the workshop leader, a short common warm-up follows; the groups are divided and then off you go.

A quick overview of the workshops:

Even ordinary people can perform beautiful and amazing feats. By trusting each other, being sensitive and using each other`s power, we create two-and three-person figures. Even great pyramids with (almost) any number of people are possible. It is the most physical activity of our program.
* Features: communication, physical contact, trust.

Not only with 3 balls. In this workshop, anything that challenges the interaction of hands and eyes will be tried. And that is more varied than one might think at first glance: except balls, also plates, clubs, diabolos, devil sticks, etc. are manipulated. Easier than you think, if you only know how, and keep an eye on everything.
* Features: discipline, self-confidence, attention, skill

The short-term defeat of gravity. Balancing on walking globes, stilts and even riding on a unicycle, you will feel as if weightless. Only for a short while, until you become inattentive, Newton's laws can be forgotten.
* Features: balance, persistence, self-control, creativity.

Trapeze / Tissue
High up under the big top, a dream of many people. Let this dream of flying become reality. Hanging on hands and feet, swinging at knees, balancing on stomach, much can be tried safely above a thick mat.
* Features: no fear of heights, resilience ,courage.

N.B.! We recommend a maximum of 12 students per teacher, considering safety and quality of guidance




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